The culinary ramblings of a picky eater.

The Picnic Explained

Hi there!

I'm Emily, the goofy gal who writes this blog. I started this blog as a way to share ideas and recipes with friends and family. I am a self-proclaimed picky eater, and if you ask anyone that knows me, they will heartily concur. So...all my recipes, whether created myself or adapted from others, will reflect my "persnickety" tendencies, but I think everything still tastes good. :) So if you have a tough sell in the food department in your house, this blog might help dinner go a little more easily.

While I have broadened my horizons in the culinary world, I still have trouble stomaching certain tastes and textures. You will never find seafood on my blog. I have tried a million and one things, and I haven't found one I really LIKE. I can STAND a few bites of some things, but...I never choose to eat it. Haha. Some things, like onions, and, well, most veggies, I have to hide inside other things, with a few exceptions. So my veggies will almost always be stuck in a casserole, drenched in cheese or dressing, or made into a sauce or something. It just makes it easier for me. :) I will openly admit that I am not the healthiest eater, but I do try to squeeze in healthy ingredients. Hey, I'm trying right? Haha.

So, without further ado...The Persnickety Picnic. I hope you enjoy.