The culinary ramblings of a picky eater.

Stuff I Like

This is stuff I like to use when I cook. I am not a professional. I'm just your everyday gal who likes to make food to eat. I don't have a bunch of fancy professional tools, or the newest coolest gadgets. I do have a few cool kitchen toys, and I'm sharing some of them here. This list will probably change and/or grow over time, but this is a start. Have fun perusing it. :)


This knife is amazing. When I have to chop, dice, mince, or otherwise cut something, this is my favorite knife. The one I have came in a set of Farberware knives, and

This little food processor was a wedding gift, and at the time I thought it would be too small for anything. I have, since, eaten my words. I LOVE using this to make sauces, small amounts of purees, and shredding small amounts of chicken, among other things. Since I'm usually only cooking for two, small amounts work well for me. A large food processor would usually be overkill, although I have one of those too and use it occasionally. This little one, however, is a good friend in the kitchen.

These Pyrex measuring cups are something I use all the time. Almost every meal I make involves on of these, if for nothing else than to be a small mixing bowl or something. They come in so handy. I wish I had more of them.


Heavy Cream is a frequent player on my team. Yeah, yeah, it's fattening...but I love it. There is no substitute for cream in a lot of my sauces and such. Yumtastic.

Butter. Oh yeah. Who doesn't like butter? I love butter. It is so helpful in so many ways. It starts lots of my sauces, adds flavor to lots of my dishes, and is just an all-around all star.

I love garlic powder. Mincing garlic is so time consuming, but garlic powder can just be poured out of its little container oh-so-easily. It makes my life easier. Plus, you don't have to worry about it "going" bad as quickly as the real stuff. Occasionally I'll spring for fresh garlic, but this is my go-to.

I hate onions. I can eat them only when they are cut very thinly, battered, and fried, then drenched in ranch dressing. It's not so much the taste as the texture. I'm weird about textures. So when I'd like the flavor of onion without the nasty texture...onion powder saves the day. I use this quite frequently.

Olive oil. I use this so.much. it's not even funny. Cooking meat, veggies, and as a simple sauce ingredient. Yum. I prefer extra virgin olive oil.