The culinary ramblings of a picky eater.


Here's a list of random questions, with their answers, which you may or may not be wanting to ask me. If there is a question you're just dying to ask me that is not included here, feel free to contact me and ask it! (See the contact tab for details). Have fun!

1. Q: What's up with the name of your blog? Who uses the word "persnickety?"
A: I am a picky eater. I don't like certain things. But who wants to be bland when describing their picky eater-ness? I wanted to come up with a name that would grab your attention and not let go. Yeah...umm, kinda. I like weird words. I'm a little quirky. Persnickety seemed to fit. :)

2. Q: Do you take all those pictures yourself?
A: Yes. Yes I do. When I first began this blog, my husband saw the camera as I was cooking, and before we got to eat ("wait, let me take a picture of your plate!"), and thought I was nuts. Now we sit down to eat, and he looks at me and asks, "Have you taken your pictures yet?" I love that man.

3. Q: Where do you get your recipe ideas?
A: I have a magic cookbook. It tells me what to do. Yeah, right...I wish. Haha. I love to cook, and I'm lucky that combining foods and flavors comes relatively easily to me. I often take inspiration from other cooks (as you will see referenced on some blog posts), but I try really hard to come up with my own stuff. I made a meal plan each week, and I try to include at least one new recipe a week. I often start with a main ingredient or an idea that's been nagging me for a while and go from there to come up with a recipe. Then I test it out in my kitchen and post what is edible.

4. Q: When and how did you learn to cook? Have you always enjoyed it?
A: Let's see. I've always liked eating. When I was younger, as long as I ate something, I didn't really care where it came from as long as it tasted good. "Cooking" was an abstract idea that I didn't think too much about, and never really cared to learn. Then I got married. My wonderful husband has many is not one of them. If we were going to eat, it would be up to me. I watched a lot of cooking shows and read a lot of cookbooks for a few months, then I was able to kinda just figure things out. I found out that I actually LIKE to cook, and voila! A few years later, here I am with a blog.